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Central Portage County…Where Things Are Happening!

Lori_0612-lowres_150ppiWhen I think of Central Portage County and in particular the Brimfield/Kent area, what comes to mind is the concept of growth and a perfect example of what can happen when people work together to make a positive change.

So what’s so special about our little piece of paradise here in Portage County? Driving along the I-76 corridor, we’re so much more than a few exits and off ramps. We’re made up of successful businesses, neighborhoods, excellent schools and friendly people that are proud to call our little corner of the world, “home, sweet home!”

According to record keepers, Brimfield has a total area of 4.0 square miles and is home to just shy of 4,000 people. In that amount of space you find people who are choosing to move outside the city limits, but still want the convenience of being close to places to work, shop and eat nearby. Look at the Cascades of Brimfield located right off of I-76. The hustle and bustle isn’t limited to just the weekends, or just the holiday season. There you’ll find national chains, as well as individually owned stores, and restaurants. They also crave the quiet, off-the-beaten path opportunities that this part of Portage County allows them. And here in the Brimfield area is where you can find the best of both of those worlds.

Kent, the largest city in Portage County, is made up of just over nine square miles, and is home to approximately 30,000 people. This number literally doubles during the nine months of the year when Kent State University students are on campus. Together, the combination of unique, eclectic and diverse groups and individuals make Kent an uncommonly, great place to live, work, play and do business.

Don’t forget about the development and revitalization of downtown Kent. It’s true. Kent has become a destination! People are coming to downtown Kent from all over to see what all the fuss is about, and check out for themselves all of the great shops and eateries that call downtown Kent, ‘home!’ It’s the rich history, natural beauty, diverse mix of commerce, entertainment and cultural expression that sets Kent apart from the rest. Look around you and you’ll see businesses of all types, flourishing and foot traffic up and down Main, Water and Erie Streets at any given time of the day…SEVEN days a week!

The benefits of a revitalized downtown are many, including an enhanced marketplace with more opportunity to shop local; a sense of pride and hometown community; preservation of architectural and human history; increased property values, number of jobs, and tourism; and an overall healthier local economic base and quality of life.

Speaking of quality of life, Central Portage County is blessed with natural beauty and great places for friends and family to gather and experience. Wingfoot Lake State Park, an extensive park system including hike-and-bike trails, natural resources (Mogadore Reservoir and the middle and upper sections of the Cuyahoga River), and great golf courses make this area a place that people want to visit, explore AND live. There are festivals such as Brimfest and the ever-popular Kent Heritage Festival, music festivals, and other community-related events held throughout the year.

So when people ask us what’s special about our area or what there is to see and do, we proudly tell them…A LOT! For more information on the Brimfield-Kent area a secret, we encourage you to visit www.centralportage.org.